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Troubleshooting checklist

Trouble scanning the HomeKey KeyCode? Before digging deep in troubleshooting, we recommend watching this quick video about “How to Scan A KeyCode.”

Still experiencing problems? Here are a few questions our support team will ask:

  • Have you downloaded the Get HomeKey app, or are you trying to scan the KeyCode with your phone’s camera? The KeyCode can only be scanned/activated with the scanner built into the HomeKey app.  Download the HomeKey app now.
  • Have you peeled off the protective QR code cling sticker? When the KeyCode is installed, it always has a cling sticker that can be used to download the HomeKey app. Once scanned, this sticker should be peeled off and discarded.  The KeyCode should display the HomeKey house with a series of circular lines and dashes surrounding it.
  • When signing up/creating your account, double-check to make sure you’re using a valid email address. If you’re using your phone’s autofill function to add your email address, sometimes it will enter a ‘space’ after the email address.
  • While rare, sometimes poor lighting may affect the ability to scan a KeyCode. Ensure your KeyCode has been installed in a well-lit location. If for some reason the lighting near the KeyCode is poor, try adding additional light with either a flashlight or other light source to scan the KeyCode.

Still stuck? Our support team would love to help.
Reach us by email at support@gethomekey.com, live chat with someone on our team here,
or give us a call at 866-805-0225.